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About us

Established in April of 2006 as a non-profit corporation, EC Network is committed to promoting and fostering a reliable and secure e-commerce environment for both business and consumers. Our launch was the result of a 4 year ADR pilot project at the Next Generation E-Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM).

EC Network’s operations are fundamentally supported through a membership scheme and special financial funding from major companies and industry organizations. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is also our primary supporter and advocate for our cross border development.

EC Network provides an advisory service in the area of customer complaint handling to our member companies. E-commerce is a great platform for small and start-up companies to sell their goods and services all over the world without having to leave their country. However, as many of these companies are not well equipped with the know-how and lack the experience to conduct “good business practices” via e-commerce. It quite often leads to consumer complaints.

EC Net work also provides ADR (alternative dispute resolution) service as the neutral third party when complaints escalate to a dispute.

In addition to our membership services, we will continue to offer advice to consumers who have complaints concerning their Internet transactions at no charge. EC Network also deals with cross-border complaints when one of the parties concerned, whether a company or an individual, is based in Japan.

EC Network’s goal is to establish and disseminate good online business practice through effective complaint handling and assisting dispute resolution on an individual case basis. Furthermore, EC Network’s ultimate goal is to become a major contributor to building trust in the Japanese and global e-commerce marketplace.

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