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Guide to EC Network’s complaint form

Thank you for your inquiry!
Currently, EC Network receives many complaints from international consumers. Please note that it will take more time for our advice.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

EC Network accepts consumer complaints arising from Internet transactions with businesses based in Japan. We will give an advice to your complaint, Depending on cases, it is possible that we may get in contact with the business and obtain the response.

! For consumers who fell into trouble with used car dealers in Japan

There is no charge for this service.
Read the details mentioned below, complete the complaint form with necessary information and submit it.
We will reply to your designated email address in English or Japanese in a few days.
Make sure not to input a wrong email address. If no reply is received a few days after submitting your complaint, please complete in our complaint form again, double check your e-mail address and submit it.
When you complete the form
Complete required inputs (*)
Fill in your full name.
The consultation or advice afterwards will be exchanged by emails; therefore, fill in a correct email address that you preferred to receive.
Describe your complaint concisely.
After you submit your inquiry
After submitting, please check your application number appearing on the screen.
Sometimes it may take about 1 week until you receive the reply. Sorry for the inconvenience.
What we cannot do
We cannot take any effective action regarding criminal cases because EC Network is not a law enforcement organization, but a private corporation.
We do not necessarily pursue legal remedy. Advisors who answer your complaint are not lawyers but experts in consumer affairs and dispute resolution.
Privacy policy
Personally identifiable information of yours and the information about the other party’s obtained through this complaint process will only be used for the purpose of handling the complaint.
We may disclose your private information to legal advisors when necessary, to the extent that it is indispensable for resolving disputes.
We will not neither disclose nor offer personally identifiable information of yours to the third party without your prior consent.
EC Network will utilize or disclose the information about the cases in the form of statistical data or case studies without any personally identifiable information. We use them for the purpose of :
  • analyzing the trend of troubles
  • examining desirable solution
  • examining the measures of preventing disputes
Agreements and Understandings
EC Network is not your agent who acts on behalf of you.
EC Network does not guarantee that your complaint will be resolved.
Secondary utilization and reprinting the answers from EC Network are prohibited.