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EC Network recommends consumers living outside Japan to confirm the following information before placing an order.

1 Check the seller’s contact information including physical address and phone number. Some do not show their physical addresses or even post a fictitious one on their website and use only mobile phone to communicate with you. (The mobile phone number starts from 090- or 080- in Japan.) You should doubt the credibility of those sellers and avoid dealing with them. In general, it is very difficult to receive a product or a refund, once consumers lost contact with those sellers.
2 Read carefully the description of the product you want to buy, including terms and conditions, payment and shipping method, return and privacy policy, shipping cost and customs. Beware of the small prints.
3 Save records of your transactions. Print the description of product, photos, and receipt etc. Copy the exchanged emails between you and the seller.
4 Before placing an order, search information about the seller by the name of the company on the Internet. Reputation of the seller on the bulletin board may be a good reference.
5 Be careful with the sellers who unduly urge you to make a prompt payment.

If consumers from overseas had become a victim of fraud, we advise you to consult with your local police or lawyer in your country.

ATTENTION FOREIGN CONSUMERS--who want to buy Japanese used vehicle.

EC Network has received complaints from foreign consumers who had trouble after purchasing Japanese used cars. Many of them fell victim of fraudulent car trading. Typically, those consumers lost contact with the businesses, after paying through a bank transfer or the consumers receive defective cars.

Watch out for pitfalls!
1 Bear in mind your own risks. Please be more cautious. Purchasing vehicles involves a large amount of money. We recommend you to ensure that the seller posts its physical addresses and fixed-line phone number on its website and whether you can get through the fixed-line phone. In general, it is safer to deal with a seller which is a member of a car industry association such as Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (Japanese/English).
2 The owners of those companies are often fluent speakers of English and entice you to buy their cars by communicating with you frequently until they receive payments.
3 There's always a catch to every good thing. It is very difficult to judge defects or damages only by seeing photos and reading the description. If the price of a used car is much lower than prevailing prices, you should reconsider ordering from the seller.